Zambo Food Company founded in 1950 firstly known with gums. Zambo gums which was sold in tin boxes, were one of the most popular production of that time. Zambo which started the adventure in 1950s in Eminonu by manufacturing gum and chocolate, moved in new building in 1980s. It keeps moving by getting taste to modern times.

Chocolate bars known as ‘‘Beyoglu Chocolate’’ is one of the special products of Zambo Food Company by unique taste and name. Confectionary goods are used in the most delicious cakes as first choice of the Chefs. Zambo also produces special products in a wide range.

Zambo Food company feels the responsibility to be leader of innovation in the market and it becomes the first and unique producer of Waffle & Crepe Sauces which combination of natural nuts selected with care and high quality raw materials.

In the fast life brought by 21st century, there is reduction high quality, natural, non-preservative goods. Zambo Food Company continues its story as 100% of Turkish brand mark producing high quality chocolate products.